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The official currency in Argentina is the Peso, whose approximate exchange rate is 3 for 1 Dollar, and 4,5 for 1 Euro. To check currency rates, click here


They open from 10am to 3pm. The office of Banco de la Cuidad de Buenos Aires that is located at 675 Córdoba Ave. opens every day, and offers currency exchange service.


In Argentina power works at 220 volts, and sockets can be of two different types: two round holes or two plain holes with an earth wire. It is recommended to bring an adapter in order to be able to use all personal electrical appliances.


There are no endemic diseases in Argentina; therefore, no vaccination is necessary to enter the country.


The citizens of neighboring countries (Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil) only need their national ID to enter Argentina.

The requirements for the citizens of all other countries are particular of each country. It is recommended to consult the local Argentine Embassy in order to learn whether a visa is necessary.

The National Migration Division, located at 1355 Antártida Argentina Ave. (Retiro), phone number 4317-0200, is the place to go in order to extend the visa.


As in every big city, it is advised to be cautious when wandering around Buenos Aires. It is safe to walk the streets, even though it is recommended not to display any high-cost objects, such as cameras or jewelry. It is advisable to avoid dark spots. The emergency numbers are 101 and 911, that can be dialed from any public phone.



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